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Welcome to Netweb Hosting.
Netweb Hosting is passionate in providing you the best web hosting service. At Netweb Hosting we're dedicated to Your Website's Success.

Netweb Hosting provides you with everything needed from Domain registration, hosting, Free Website builders with templates and much more!

You'll build websites faster and better as you can install some of the most popular script by the click of a button. You can install Blogs, Portals, Forums, Galleries, Wikis, JavaScript Libraries etc. There is a wide range of scripts to choose from to automate your websites.


Start a Blog

There are many reasons why you might want to start a blog. The word blog (a fusion of the words "web" and "log") was originally used to describe a personal online diary. Now, blogs are more likely to provide commentary, news and in-depth information on a particular subject.
Netweb Hosting makes it very easy for you to start blogging: once you've signed up, you can use our free and easy software installer to install WordPress, the internet's favourite blogging tool, in less than three minutes, with just three clicks of your mouse!

Open an Online Shop

Whether you're importing gadgets or exporting biltong, selling handcrafts or software, Netweb makes it easy for you to start selling online with your very own online shop. Our free and easy software installer can install CubeCart, OSCommerce or Zen Cart in less than three minutes, with just a few clicks of your mouse.
If you'd prefer to use the fantastic new PrestaShop or Magento (or any other shopping cart), or if you need an SSL certificate or payment gateway, our fast and cheap software installation service can do it for you.

Build an Online Community

Building an online community with Netweb Hosting could not be easier: once you've decided which system to use, our free and easy software installer will have you up and running in minutes. Whether you're building a global community on Drupal or Typo3, creating an online home for a circle of friends using Joomla! or Xoops, sharing ideas via email using our mailing list software or even managing a project with dotproject or phpProjekt, we've got you covered!

Design your own website

All Netweb Hosting clients have free access to Softaculous, Install Scripts on the fly.

What's an Auto Installer ? An Auto Installer can be used to install scripts and software without you having to upload files. You don't need to create any database for the scripts and go through the complex procedures of installing these software packages! You can build professional-grade websites with any of the FREE software and templates available. You can compare the various software packages before installing. Users who have used these scripts have rated and reviewed them as well. You can see these ratings and reviews and choose the scripts that would fit your needs. Even you can RATE and REVIEW a software package which will help others make a wise choice

Share your Photos, Art and Music

Our robust servers support streaming audio, and our free and easy software installer allows you to install photo gallery scripts such as Gallery, Coppermine Photo Gallery and 4Images Gallery in less than three minutes, with just a few clicks of your mouse.
And because we're extremely generous with diskspace and data transfer (and we'll never suspend your account if you exceed your limits), you can be generous in turn and share your creativity with the world on your very own website!

Create your own YouTube

Our servers are perfect for creating powerful online video sharing websites just like YouTube! They have high-speed connections and all the software required to record, convert and stream digital video, including FFmpeg, FFmpeg-PHP, Mplayer + Mencoder, flv2tool + GD Library, Libogg + Libvorbis and LAME MP3 Encoder.
This means that you'll be able to install any of the popular YouTube clones such as PHPMotion, ClipShare, Razz and more!

Host more than one website

Our hosting package allows you to host one website, but if you're a webdesigner wanting to offer a webhosting service to your clients or even if you're planning to create many websites yourself, then you can upgrade to one of the other hosting packages, which allow you to host more websites. These packages can be further expanded with an Addon Domain "bolt-on" package, which will increase the number of additional websites you can host on your account.

Install Software automagically

I've already mentioned our free and easy software installer a few times on this page. The installer (accessed via your website's Control Panel) is called "Fantastico de Luxe" and is designed to make it very simple for you to install and uninstall any of a number of pieces of software. For a full list of the software available to install, please have a look at our Hosting Packages page, where they are all listed.
If you'd like to have something installed which is not on the list, then our fast and cheap software installation service will be happy to help.

Webmail, Anti-Spam Tools and unlimited email accounts

All of Netweb's hosting packages allow you to create an unlimited number of email accounts, email forwarders, email aliases and autoresponders, as well as an unlimited fax-to-email facility with www.fax2e-mail.net. We've also installed automatic anti-virus scanning of all emails you receive through our servers, and powerful anti-spam tools which you can either "set-and-forget" or tweak for optimal results.
We have also installed a Webmail interface, which allows you to access your email from anywhere in the world, using your web browser and your choice of three installed online mail programs: SquirrelMail, Horde or RoundCube.

Peace of mind: backups, security and uptime

Backups: Netweb makes a backup copy of your website's files and databases every day. This backup is then sent to a remote storage server so that it can be kept safe. We will always have a daily, weekly and monthly backup of your website available to be restored in the event that something goes wrong or if you accidentally delete anything.

Security: Your website is protected from external attacks by an advanced firewall, HTTP DOS and intrusion protection, kernel and filesystem hardening and more. You can sleep soundly, knowing that your website is safe with Netweb.

Uptime: Netweb guarantees you a minimum 99.9% uptime. All our servers' services are continuously monitored, and we will know within seconds if something should go wrong.

No contracts, no setup fees, no hidden charges and a unique three-month money-back guarantee

Ethical webhosting: We will never ask you to sign a contract or debit order form. We will never "surprise" you with hidden charges or setup fees. You may cancel, upgrade or downgrade your hosting account at any time, without fee or penalty.

We offer a unique three month money-back guarantee: if you're not happy with Netweb at any time during the first 90 days of hosting with us, we will refund every cent you have paid us.

Before you sign up, it's important that you read through the full text of our Terms and Conditions.

Stay ahead of the curve with Netweb

The software installed on our servers is checked for updates every day, so you can be sure that we're running the latest, bug-free and most secure version of all software required to host and maintain your website. We're also quick to add new software to our servers, so that our clients can stay ahead of the curve with us, and not be kept waiting for months to have access to new technologies.

Top-class, friendly support, every day of the week

More than anything, it is the quality of service and customer care we provide which sets us apart from most website hosting companies. We are extremely proud and fiercely defend our reputation for providing top-quality, effective and friendly support. Support via our online support ticket system is available from 9am to 10pm every day (until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays), and emergency support via telephone is available at all times.

Netweb: hosting you can rely on!